Good Men Project Dreams: Interviews w/Entrepreneurs,”­ hosted by Ken Goldstein

Innovate Pasadena was joined by the Good Men Project for a recording of the pilot for their series, “GMP Dreams.”  “GMP Dreams” is a digital video pilot produced for the web. The goal is to capture the heart of the entrepreneurial mission in a series of short interviews with local entrepreneurs who want to change the world.

The series is hosted by Ken Goldstein, a local author who has spoken twice before at Innovate Pasadena about mentorship and reinvention. Ken is on the board of Good Men Media, Inc. (operating company of The Good Men Project) and has  served as CEO of<a href=””>SHOP.COM</a>, EVP/Managing Director of Disney Online, and VP Entertainment &amp; Education Products at Broderbund Software. In this initial episode, he talked with three diverse individuals who have founded or co-founded exciting startups at various stages of development:

<b>Alan Mittelman</b>, CEO of Eagle Eyes

<b>Aurora Cady</b>, CEO of Rhino Bill and WaitNot

<b>Yuval Selik</b>, CEO of <a href=””></a>

Technology, business models, talent, and workplace culture are driving the lightspeed change in today’s world. Entrepreneurs like these are leading the way toward change and progress. These interviews seek to get at the passion of why people chose to build something new, no matter the hurdles, and why embracing a dream is a MUST among their life choices. We believe our first three guests are exemplary of the values we intend to celebrate. Should the pilot prove successful, our hope is to produce an ongoing series of interviews on a regular basis both within the Innnovate Pasadena community and beyond our geography. Come join us for a unique kickoff and help us make this new show a big success for Innovate Pasadena and The Good Men Project.

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