Ashley Crowder presents: “The Making of a Hologram: Bootstrapping an AR Company”

Time and talent are two of the most important elements involved when building a technology startup. The former isn’t flexible and the latter isn’t cheap, or easy to find.

Ashley Crowder, CEO of VNTANA, an augmented reality company that builds the world’s only scalable and interactive hologram systems will share VNTANA’s story on how her and co-founder, Ben Conway were able to build VNTANA on minimal investment and turned profits their second year of business.

Crowder will walk you through her journey from idea to conception, and discuss challenges faced, lessons learned and milestones that kept them going. Additionally, Ashley will touch on how brands are using augmented reality to provide customers an engaging group experience without the use of wearables.

The Building of VNTANA and Making of a Hologram:

+ From Idea to Concept

+ How Far $5K can Take you

+ Building a Team

+ Closing Deals

+ Staying Lean

+ The Future of Holograms and Augmented Reality

VNTANA is the first augmented reality company to build an interactive hologram system with social media integration and data collection capabilities. VNTANA’s interactive hologram technologies are applicable globally and across multiple industries including sports, education, advertising, retail, business communications, automotive, health care and entertainment. VNTANA’s hardware and software technology is developed in-house and made in the United States. VNTANA’s technology has been used by many Fortune 500 brands including Pepsi, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, Dell, NBC Universal, Virgin Atlantic, DJI, Nokia, Kia, TYLT, Universal Pictures, University of Southern California, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Paul Oakenfold, Mike Rayburn, and Nicky Romero.

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