how tech is propelling entertainment

A look at tech and entertainment — and how the merger of the two has

manifested itself in different ways (i.e. MCNs (multi-channel networks) on

YouTube, publications like Smashd that examine tech and culture, and even

the Hollywood studio system looking at virtual reality as a future for

film). What VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) could bring to

the table for entertainment, the arts, politics, and advertising.

Lori Kozlowski is a writer, editor, and media executive in

Los Angeles. She has worked at the intersection of tech, art, and

entertainment, exploring how tech is changing culture.

She is producing a VR film series, which examines social justice and human

rights issues. She co-founded the tech and culture publication Smashd at

music management firm Atom Factory. Prior to Atom Factory, she was an

editor and columnist for Forbes, covering tech, startups, and

entrepreneurs. Before Forbes, she was a senior editor at the Los Angeles

Times, overseeing digital strategy, mobile, and emerging platforms.


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