Patterns of Fundraising from the Perspective of an Investor


Scaling and growing a company is about recognizing patterns. This is especially true when it comes to fundraising no matter whether you are seeking early stage venture or growth capital to scale and win your market. Gaining insight into the patterns as seen by an active career investor can provide valuable insight for any entrepreneur into the frameworks they are using to gauge their success.

Building and scaling a company successfully is about the decisions you make as an entrepreneur.  What informs those decisions is experience, frameworks to tackle tough issues, and the pattern matching around the game of growing an idea to a  feature to a product to a company.  Entrepreneurs should be seeking these frameworks wherever they can find them, and after 20 years in Venture Capital through terrific successful investments and wipeouts, Jim has a few to share.  Whether it is thoughts on a great fundraising pitch, how to think about product and team, or how to hack the all expensive go to market, the questions entrepreneurs ask is the most important function.  Of course it all comes together when a company is raising money, and that is where Jim will focus his thoughts on the patterns of success.

Currently Jim is a managing Director with March Capital, a $240MM Tech focused venture fund that is headquartered in Santa Monica, but that invests globally.  He focuses early stage but does growth investing as well.  Practice areas include B2B marketplaces, consumer internet and Enterprise Software.


A successful and experienced early stage venture investor in enterprise and consumer technology, Jim Armstrong has established himself as a leading investor based in Southern California. Jim has over 20 years of technology investment experience, and has generated multiple large exits through IPOs or mergers and acquisitions from companies he either incubated or participated as the first institutional investor.

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