Technology defining a new world of storytelling


“Viewer” is no longer a passive term, welcome to the new world of storytelling.


As our technology advances, so does our ability to tell stories in innovative and meaningful ways. These stories connect with the audience on previously unreachable levels – by giving the viewers the agency to affect what they see and hear. Leaning in and participating creates a new relationship between the engaged audience and the narratives. Our seamless technology is ushering in the evolution of storytelling with content that is shaped by those who watch, participate, and respond. “Viewer” is no longer a passive term, welcome to the new world of storytelling.


As Executive Creative Director at Interlude, Shane wrote and created award-winning projects for artists and brands such as CeeLo Green and CocaCola, and is currently working on Interlude’s first VR project, set to launch in 2016. Shane’s background highlights his passion for different and immersive content; Exploding Kittens, which he created and produced, is the game with the highest number of Kickstarter backers to date. At Xbox Entertainment Studios, he worked on original interactive Movies and TV shows for the Xbox gaming console. Prior to that, amongst other things, he co-founded Edoc Laundry, the first interactive clothing brand, where hidden messages and codes in the clothing unlocked murder mystery video content online, and Funtini, where he developed top mobile hits for Marvel & Disney.

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