Adjoa Skinner: How to Give a Good Presentaiton

There are so many different ideas about the correct ways to give a speech.  It can all be overwhelming trying to follow the dos and don’ts of giving a good presentation.  Whether being concerned about your hand-positioning or the tone of your voice, most individuals walk into a speech with reservations and anxieties.

Adjoa Skinner walks us through a simple acronym W-A-T-E-R to help relax and rest ourselves before giving a presentation or performance.

Wait  Actualize  Thankfulness  Effort  Relax

The acronym reminds us to get some water as well.  You’re voice is your most valuable asset and water is essential for any speaker or vocalist.  Adjoa’s engaging and immersive presentation gives us guidance and techniques that inspire peace and confidence before going into a presentation.  To get the full details of the process and some helpful exercises, see the full video below.



Adjoa Skinner is a 25 year music veteran and vocal coach. Nominated by the Readers of Backstage Magazine as one of the top 5 vocal coaches in Los Angeles in 2016. Adjoa has been the vocal coach of Katherine McCormick of “So You Think You Can Dance”, Bryce Soderberg of the band “Lifehouse” as well as numerous other rising stars. Skinner’s additional honors include: 100 Best Live Acts to Watch in 2013 by Music Connection Magazine, Top Female Performer and Highest over all score in the in the Socal Live Acoustic Music Competition.


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