Game for your Life – Gamificatio­n Trends & Innovation with Chris Gore

Chris Gore, with joke-infused fashion, shared stories with Friday Coffee Meetup (FCM) about his success, methods, and ideas of how to write-books and market yourself successfully. Chris shared about the popularity of Pokémon Go and how it didn’t come with any instructions. Pokémon Go went viral and was adopted by countless people despite not coming within any instruction manual. We had to discover and figure it out as we played. This concept has been central in Chris’ career and success as he has “figured out” his own path to success as a writer, comedian, and speaker.

The idea of writing a book is in-sanely intimidating, but Chris shared how to help discipline himself he awarded himself “mini-rewards” after achieving small goals. He shared how breaking large tasks into these bite-size pieces with rewards, is a great way to motivate and discipline ourselves. He also shared the amount many of us write in one week between e-mails, social media, etc., is roughly the same amount as a full-book!

Chris shared how the benefits of writing books go beyond the book itself and passive income but is a distinguisher to you as a person and creates a number of additional opportunities for you as an innovator and expert in your field.

Chris talked about how he typically spends around 6 months building an extremely detailed outline of his book, then about 2 months of actual writing. His prime writing hours are early in the morning (often before the sun is up), for around 3 hours. Beyond 3 hours he talked about how the quality/quantity of work tends to decline. Chris shared how a great way to start thinking about a new book idea is to write the summary paragraph that is on the back cover of the book.

Other helpful resources Chris recommended: Use, and listen to audio books. Chris recommended looking up Stephen King’s top 10 recommended audio books list to start!

The Q&A provided a broad range of questions (to say the least) ranging from creative liberties as a comedian to pricing margins and building a strong social media foundation!

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