Creative Marketing of Dollar Shave Club – Alec Brownstein

Alec Brownstein joined Dollar Shave Club as Creative Marketing Director in 2013 just a few years after his Google Ad Experiment video went viral in 2010 (If you haven’t seen that video, you definitely should watch it on youtube). A key idea behind the Google Ad Experiment video that got a ton of attention online was that it was only $6 and it made a huge impact. Alec talked about how you don’t need a huge budget to make a good impression and reach a lot of people.

Alec shared a number of hilarious Dollar Shave Club commercials that have been successful in building the brand reputation while still being entertaining. The main idea he discussed was that each one of their commercial ideas is built around finding an underlying truth about their product or their competition. For entertainment they take that truth and then exaggerate it to make a memorable impression. While we laugh at the video, the key underlying truth sticks with the audience and resonates with them to some extent.

His advice to us as marketers is to find a truth people care about and explain it simply. He explained that if we find it’s too hard to explain, it probably is not a good enough simple truth. Alec went on to talk about how to make their product different they give surprise and delight moments for the users. This might be something to read, small messages, or good packaging, but it all contributes towards having a deeper connection with their consumers than just shaving.

Alec talked about how he thinks ads aren’t funny or pleasant because companies tend to cram too many points into one commercial. By focusing too much on the company objectives, the consumer experience can be ignored in the process.

To see these ideas in action, look up some dollar shave club commercials and become a customer!

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