You’ve Got the SOUL-ution

Young organizations tend to have clear cultures and good-enough workflow practices. These things tend to sprout from the founders and early hires. As these organizations scale into hyper-growth companies, chaos and confusion often ensue. Cultures become unconscious and contradictory and workflow practices descend into endless fire drills.

Hyper-growth organizations that sustain through scale create conscious cultures that align essence with operations and address excesses and blind spots on a regular basis. These efforts require both collective conversations and individual support. Regular all-hands meetings about culture allow for course corrections and targeted individual coaching delivers just-in-time skills for leaders.


David Shechtman is a talented coach, speaker, and facilitator. His experience includes leading change projects, facilitating in-depth leadership seminars, and coaching C-level executives.

David’s experience includes two decades of work in training & development, organizational consulting, and executive coaching. His experience includes work in financial services, high tech, healthcare, automotive, and travel & hospitality. Specific clients include Slack, Collective Health, Tile, Coursera, Northwestern Mutual, ADP, DaVita, Virtuoso, and the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

David’s main focus is helping clients transform challenges into victories. His clients work in high growth, high challenge environments that require real-time learning and bold action. David helps his clients navigate difficult circumstances, identify golden learning opportunities, and establish straight-forward action plans for success. His expertise comes from over a decade of studying the art and science of behavior change.

David’s education includes a Master of Science in Organization Development from Pepperdine University. He also has taught Organization and Strategy Consulting at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. David is a regular presenter at the Organization Development Network annual conference


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