Audrey Wu: Chatbots and Conversational Commerce

The bots revolution is happening because the interwebs are going through some fairly dramatic changes—users’ online habits are not what they once were. We’ve all seen that business insider chart that shows the “big 4” messaging apps trajecting past the “big 4” social apps. that chart is at least a year old and shows that messaging surpassed social in 2015!!!!!! Given that messaging is where people are spending their time, and given that ad blockers are now pervasive … bots give retailers a means to fish where the fish are, so to speak.


Audrey Wu, Co-Founder/CEO of CONVRG, is a second generation chatbot entrepreneur and emerging technology executive with experience at imperson, TechStars, JibJab Bros. Studios, iconmobile/WPP, Ketchum, Deloitte and SG Cowen. CONVRG recently launched the first marketplace chatbot in partnership with Shopify and Kik. Previously she was the Head of Studios at imperson, powering AI chatbots such as Miss Piggy, Zootopia and Power Rangers. Audrey was recently named ChatbotConf Top 25 influencers of 2016. In addition, she has spoken at SXSW, MoNage, MAU 2017 (, Social Media Week, American Marketing Association, Silicon Beach Fest, UCLA, USC, GRAMMYs, DigitaLA, Grid110, FIDM and various technology innovation events.

Twitter handle: @mraudreywu

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