Creating an Innovation Roadmap – A Taco Bell Case Study

Learn about how to create an innovation roadmap including what foundational insights drive innovation, how to evolve brand promises through product introductions, and lessons for emerging businesses. A Taco Bell case study focuses on how to address even your heaviest users unmet needs.

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Debra Kassarjian is a practice leader in Innovation and New Product Development for major CPG and Hospitality providers.

Director of Consumer Insights for fortune 500 companies such as ConAgra, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, IHOP and Applebee’s. Additional CPG work included partnerships with Nestle, Whitewave and Ventura Foods.

Breadth of work included strategic projects setting the foundation for business building initiatives, as well as full innovation programs from ideation, concept testing, pipeline prioritization and all product development phases. Brought new targets to life.

Grew both the business and Consumer Insights function within major organizations, elevating businesses and setting them up for future growth, whether it was:

•Establishing a whole new grocery category through Banquet Homestyle Bakes for ConAgra

•Identifying 7 long term innovation platforms for a global seafood CPG firm

•Creating a LaunchPad program partnering with food vendors resulting in the ground-breaking Doritos Locos Taco

•Pin-pointing defection pain points as a cornerstone of an international guest satisfaction program

•Launching new ad campaigns and pipeline of product news around “Eat of Every Moment” at IHOP

Created powerful programs that resulted in new brand promises generating greater loyalty for current users and a call-to-action for new customers.

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