DeRosa Siranosian presentation at Friday Coffee Meetup

Innovations to Power the Future of Public and Private Transportation

Electric, autonomous, connected, and shared vehicles are coming and in some ways are already here. But a future of millions and millions of vehicles driving themselves and travelers in single-occupant, or even zero-occupant vehicles, will not improve our congested roadways and cities. What will public and private transportation and our cities look like in the not so distant future? Will the sharing economy thrive in our AV, EV, and CV future?

Varying adoption levels of electric, autonomous, connected, and shared vehicles can dramatically alter the future of transportation and land use. This presentation will cover the benefits of roadways that wirelessly charge shared EVs and the state of autonomous technology.

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David DeRosa is a Mobility Planner with ten years of experience in both public and private sectors, as well as non-profit. His recent experience has focused on delivery of transportation projects including connected and autonomous vehicles, Hyperloop, High-Speed Rail, Light-Rail, and Streetcars.

Veronica Siranosian, AICP, LEED GA is a senior project manager in the AECOM Ventures group, which focuses on integrating technology and innovation into the company’s core business. Her areas of focus include future transportation, Smart Cities, and Internet of Things. She has experience managing and preparing feasibility studies, alternatives analyses, and environmental and planning studies for integrated transportation and land use projects across multiple modes (BRT, light rail, high-speed rail, streetcar, Hyperloop, autonomous and connected vehicles). With a background in transportation and land use planning, she brings ten years of experience in the public and private sectors to the role.

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