Innovation and Meditation Part 2: Practical Ways to Have a Practice!

This talk will once again go over the whys-and-wherefores behind the popularity of Mindfulness. Nick will normalize meditation while offering practical ways to integrate a consistent practice into one’s life; both at work and at home. He’ll discuss creating the right mental & physical environments, that will inevitably lead us back to the “the cushion,” which is where we need to be.

Nick will also introduce us to a series of, “Mind Hacks,” specific techniques to bring meaning and insight into our sits and everyday experience. He’ll also go over the best apps, books, videos and LA based groups – invaluable resources that will support and sustain our practice. All of this in service to it’s demonstrated benefits: improved attention, reduced emotional reactivity and a general sense of health and wellbeing. Not a bad way to start 2018!


Nick Stein is an award-winning TV Producer and Show-Runner who’s worked on countless hours of non-fiction television for myriad networks and production companies. As Series Producer of the National Geographic Channel’s Border Wars series, he and his crews gained unparalleled access to contested areas of the US/Mexican border, embedding with the operational units of Customs and Border Protection, ICE, DEA and the U.S. Coast Guard. As a result of witnessing extreme suffering in the border zone, Nick began the journey from practitioner to facilitator by taking courses at UCLA’s Mindfulness Awareness Research Center (MARC) and going on multiple silent retreats. After completing 2 years of MARC’s Intensive Practice Program (IPP), Nick gained entrance into the Engaged Mindfulness Institute’s (EMI) inaugural class and received his Certification of Mindfulness Facilitation in June 2016. Because of his work at the border, Nick has dedicated himself to introducing the concepts and techniques behind mindfulness – to foster resiliency – to the men and women of law enforcement. He’s traveled to New Mexico, Texas and Washington D.C. as he brings this knowledge to US Border Patrol agents and CBP’s Officer of Field Operations Officers, as well as to multiple police departments in the SF East Bay Area. Stein lives in Studio City, CA with his wife, Susan McGuire, a CA licensed MFT Psychotherapist and Jungian Analyst.

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