Josh Holtzman presentation at Friday Coffee Meetup

Josh Holtzman: Breaking Through the Ceiling

My Journey in Building a Company and Selling Twice

Josh Holtzman is a fourth generation Los Angeles based entrepreneur that got stuck. The company he founded was growing, racking up awards from Inc. Magazine and the Los Angeles Business Journal, and all of the sudden, the company hit a ceiling. Growth stalled, things became complicated… During this talk Josh shares what he learned and how he ultimately broke through, leading to the sale of his company twice!

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Josh Holtzman is a fourth generation entrepreneur that helps people get what they want from their businesses.

Josh brings a proven system with simple tools to help leadership teams clarify their vision, gain traction toward realizing their vision, and become more healthy, functional and cohesive as a team. As goes the leadership team so goes the rest of the organization. Through teaching, facilitation, and coaching Josh brings 15 years as an entrepreneur (including 2 exits, Inc. Fastest Growing Company, Best Place to Work) and the power of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) to achieve real results.

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