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3 takeaways from Chris Wacker of Laserfiche

What I took away was his dare to dream attitude and his willingness to continue innovating even after thirty years of being an industry leader. 1) They developed something that a lot of us use on a daily basis and sometimes even take for granted. Paper to digital with OCR and document imaging. I’m sure […]

Innovation and Meditation: An Introduction to Mindfulness

January 6, 2017 Presented by Nick Stein Blog Writeup by Jan Young Brian Nolan, Sellbrite CEO, introduced Nick Stein at our January 6th Friday Coffee Meetup. Brian connected a while ago with Nick and began to understand the connection between innovation and meditation, so when Brian was looking for office space, he purposely found a […]

Game for your Life – Gamificatio­n Trends & Innovation with Chris Gore

Chris Gore, with joke-infused fashion, shared stories with Friday Coffee Meetup (FCM) about his success, methods, and ideas of how to write-books and market yourself successfully. Chris shared about the popularity of Pokémon Go and how it didn’t come with any instructions. Pokémon Go went viral and was adopted by countless people despite not coming within any instruction […]

The Trials and Successes of a SaaS startup with Dr Alex Backer

On Friday morning Alex shared with us a collection of stories and lessons learned from his own journey creating and developing “QLess”.  Below is a recap written by Brandon Burroughs.             Alex was born and raised in Argentina, and while he was accepted into both MIT and Harvard early in his College career, his early […]

Adjoa Skinner: How to Give a Good Presentaiton

There are so many different ideas about the correct ways to give a speech.  It can all be overwhelming trying to follow the dos and don’ts of giving a good presentation.  Whether being concerned about your hand-positioning or the tone of your voice, most individuals walk into a speech with reservations and anxieties. Adjoa Skinner […]