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The Ups and Downs of a VC-backed Start-up

“Founding to Exit – The Ups and Downs of a VC-backed Start-up” Tracy will provide the story behind Cooking.com. ·  Founding the company in the late ‘90s at Idealab ·  Raising $ pre- and post- bubbles ·  Restructuring and profitability ·  Re-capping and pivoting the business ·  The Exit ups and downs   Tracy Randall […]

Our Craft Brewery Identity Crisis

A growing craft brewery tries to trademark its company name and is DENIED!  WTF?! We’ll tell the story of how Last Name Brewing (formerly Dale Bros Brewery) weathered this identity crisis and turned it into a marketing opportunity. In 2014, after 11 years as a growing craft brewery, Dale Bros Brewery decided it was time […]

Engineering Disruption for Positive Change

Alexander shares his journey of building a global lifestyle brand with no formal business education, no money and no business experience.  He covers the importance of understanding your core self when it comes to disrupting a market, living a life you love, and creating positive change through entrepreneurship.

Chris Wadden Talks About the “Pasadena Angels”

2015  was one of the Pasadena Angels best years with our 100 members investing 5 Million dollars in 28 deals (14 new, 14 follow on). They had their first IPO (Mind Body) and two other significant exits in 2015. Bio: Mr. Wadden is the Chairman of the Pasadena Angels that invests and mentors early stage companies. Pasadena Angels […]