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Niko Everett: How to Ask for It

Learn 2 simple + effective ways to get more of what you want for your business. (As learned the hard way by one social entrepreneur). After 10 years starting, running, and growing a national organization I learned two critical things. First, I learned the difference between “pitching” people an idea and enrolling them in making […]

SBA Loans: The Alternative to Venture Capital

Want to grow your business or create start-up? Well you are going to need capital – it’s the key to your success. Whether you are a start-up or an existing business looking to grow and expand, there are a multitude of options available for consideration. One such option is a Small Business Administration Loan (SBA). […]

Josh Holtzman: Breaking Through the Ceiling

My Journey in Building a Company and Selling Twice Josh Holtzman is a fourth generation Los Angeles based entrepreneur that got stuck. The company he founded was growing, racking up awards from Inc. Magazine and the Los Angeles Business Journal, and all of the sudden, the company hit a ceiling. Growth stalled, things became complicated… […]

Innovation and Meditation Part 2: Practical Ways to Have a Practice!

This talk will once again go over the whys-and-wherefores behind the popularity of Mindfulness. Nick will normalize meditation while offering practical ways to integrate a consistent practice into one’s life; both at work and at home. He’ll discuss creating the right mental & physical environments, that will inevitably lead us back to the “the cushion,” […]

Rich Rygg: Cannabis vs. High Tech

A Side by Side Comparison of the Two Industries discussing their similarities and differences. How well do high tech experiences transfer to the cannabis industry? How do the obstacles differ? How are they similar? Rich spent much of his career in high tech and online ventures. The last few years he’s been involved in the […]

Michael Culhane: Building a Blockchain based Business and funding it via a TGE

Token Generation Events (TGE’s) have proliferated as an alternative means of funding a Start Up. There are some compelling opportunities for the entrepreneur over conventional VC and Angel options. This is the (unfolding) story of how one navigates a fast changing landscape where the SEC looms, Token Economics is religion, Skepticism is growing, Exchanges can […]

Speed Networking with FCM’s very own Christy and Alec

This structured networking event will allow you to meet new professional and personal contacts and establish a basis for future collaboration in an exciting format. You will be randomly placed in small groups and each person will have a few minutes to give an overview of their background, their goals, and areas that they might […]

Crowdfunder Educational Series: Introduction to Launching an ICO

We believe entrepreneurship to be one of the most powerful forces for economic and societal change in our time. Through access to capital and education, we empower thousands of entrepreneurs to grow high-impact ventures. Crowdfunder is the equity crowdfunding leader for sourcing and funding high-growth ventures with a network of over 130,000 entrepreneurs and investors. […]

Innovations to Power the Future of Public and Private Transportation

Electric, autonomous, connected, and shared vehicles are coming and in some ways are already here. But a future of millions and millions of vehicles driving themselves and travelers in single-occupant, or even zero-occupant vehicles, will not improve our congested roadways and cities. What will public and private transportation and our cities look like in the […]