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Why Good UX Design is Smart Business

Erik Wingren and Petra Wennberg Cesario, partners and co-founders of Interactivism, will present and discuss the value of user-centered design, focusing on critical questions: -What is real UX? -How does UX fit into the development process? -Why is it critical to engage design early on, and how do you do that? -How do UX designers […]

Marketing Growth in Streaming Media

Currently the head of subscriber growth at Hulu, Patrizio will talk about his journey as a marketer and the guiding principles he developed along the way. Having worked in multiple industries and company sizes, Patrizio will share his learnings on what makes great marketing regardless of product or budget size. Bio: Patrizio (Pato) Spagnoletto brings […]

The Five Smartest and Dumbest Things I did as a Founder

The Managing Director of Techstars LA shares the story of her journey as an entrepreneur.  She will talk about how she transitioned from a McKinsey consultant to a tech founder, how she raised money, grew her company and sold it, and the mistakes she made along the way.  She’ll also provide an overview of the […]

Snapchat 101 for Business

With over 150 million daily active users participating over 10 billion views daily, Snapchat has emerged as today’s fastest growing social platform. And as Venice-based Snap Inc marches towards its IPO, adults and marketers alike are trying to figure out how to make the most of the channel which is easy to use, but hard […]

Speed Networking with FCM’s very own Christy and Alec

Event Hosts: Alec Miller Alec is a commercial leader who specializes in creating strategy and bringing technology products to market, with extensive experience in environmental technologies and industrial products. His experience includes working for multinational and venture backed companies, as well as working on his own startup. Alec has a B.A. from Yale University. LinkedIn: […]