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Speaker criteria

  1. FCM cannot be used to primarily promote an individual’s service or business.
  2. Our speakers are traditionally Innovators, CEOs, Founders, Angels / Venture investors.

If you are a service provider, this is not the right forum for you, but if you have CEOs and leaders of industry that you work with and would like to highlight – please use our form to recommend them.

What our audience likes to hear about:

  1. Entrepreneurship…successes and/or failures.
  2. Lessons learned – what went wrong and how you fixed it .. we love a good turn around or pivot.
  3. Investors, VCs, etc. – what type of investments are you looking for: industry, fund size, previous
    background/experience, successful exits, stories of failures, etc.
  4. Innovators – how your took your idea to fruition.